A Good Long Day!

It was cold and the drizzle began to freeze on the windshield as we made our way to the first of two clinics we would visit today.  Two appointments to follow up on my husband's tests.  One more test to go in January.  According to the experts, we can deal with this issue.  Good news.

He's a quiet one and never more so in a doctors' office.  I'm the one with the reputation for asking too many questions about his medical issues.  I'm inquisitive to a fault.  I have to go to the doctor with him from now on because he told me we were going to a neurologist when it was actually a urologist.  Even the urologist thought it was funny...along with his regular doctor, the nurse and my Dad.  Sometimes I can't help myself.

It makes my day when I can make him laugh so we had many laughs about this all day long.  He was still smiling at the end of the day - he was a good sport.  He is hard of hearing so it was my way of getting back at him for having to REPEAT everything!!!

I'm in awe because he is so calm and unworried...I think.  Difficult to tell sometimes.  Another good life lesson for me on how to behave when things get complicated.  He's stoic...I'm a drama queen.  He's brave and I'm not so brave.

Between doctor visits, we shop to pass the time.  Then we agree to grab a cup of coffee.  The manager of the small pretzel shop with very good coffee arrives with her small son.  It is evident that he is adopted...he's about five and his eyes are huge and he is animated.  I drift over to the counter to get a cover for my cup.  I learn she has a biological son in combat, a 19 yr. old biological daughter and three adopted kids...one with severe physical, learning and behavior problems.

She and her husband have had many financial issues in raising this special child.  They are getting caught up with their expenses.  Even with all these struggles, she knows raising these children is what they should be doing.  I'm so glad she shared her story.  We need these angels among us. 

This has been a day of revelations and lessons to be learned.  Life is good.

Take care,