Invite 'em to Lunch and Sneek in the Slide Show!

I have to laugh...I love to laugh so its not such a burden to laugh but we just spent a few hours with my Dad and Brother.  What a hoot!

It was an invitation for lunch and the 250+ pictures of Norway and Sweden.  Sounds like a fun afternoon - don't ya think? 

I didn't get as much straightened up as I had wanted to yesterday and this morning I was wanting/needing just a few more minutes/hours of sleep.  I'm usually a list maker but I was flying by the seat of my pants this morning trying to remember what needed to be done and in what order to maximize my time.  Swede sausage (the last one in the freezer - time to make more) in the oven on parchment paper - good thought - no icky pan afterwards, peel the potatoes, micro the corn, chop the ham and onions, and unwrap the frozen buns to thaw.  Should I make chowder or hotdish?  Hotdish it is but par boil the potatoes then dry my hair, and throw hotdish together and put in the oven after dialing down the heat so the sausage doesn't overcook.  Whew!

No time to make dessert so ice cream and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies it is.  In the "just found"  Halloween take out containers, toss some cookies in cool Halloween baggies, add a few small candy bars and close the top!  Now it's almost time for the guests to arrive...just get the coffee on and set the table.  They're here!

Both are in a good mood and we settle down to eat.  Whew!  The only thing wrong is burned buns..the Hawaiian kind...methinks its the sugar that was the culprit.  Oh well...1/2 are ok and the other half we'll just cut off the tops and eat the bottoms!

The slide show was quick - should have slowed it down but I can't remember what all the buildings are anyway so we looked at the beautiful scenery, the buses rainy windows prevent perfect  shots but the buildings are gorgeous so who cares if its the Parliament or a museum.  I have to organize and identify things before I totally forget where I was. 

My Dad
Today was fun - with both guests trying to talk at the same time.  Got in some real belly laughs...Honey and Norma Jean got lots of extra petting time so they are happy too!  Yay!  and the house is a little cleaner too!

Take care,