Barn Wood For Sale

Another portion of the roof caved in today on the north side.

The west end is twisting and falling in since the east end crumbled.
  Even the foundation fell in on the east end.

The south side of the roof is totally down
 waiting for the north side to join it.

The slow demise of our barn is imminent.  On this dreary, rainy day, the roof has collapsed on the east end of the north side.  I never imagined that it would happen so fast and yet so slow.  I can't imagine how it will look out my kitchen window now.  There will be just a pile of concrete and wood waiting to be picked at until nothing stands out there except the silo.

The plans are coming along for a new barn just north of our old one.  Bids are in - the garden shed where it will be built is almost empty except for the heavy awkward things - demolition will soon begin and when that's done - a friend will move the concrete floor out to the field so the contractor can come in and construct the new barn.

I should be happier about the new building because it will be a great place to stage our Farmgirls Country Sale during the summer months.  But the only reason it will exist is because our trusty old friend died.  I guess we will have barn wood for sale.