It's Time for Comfort Food!

What a week!  It was so busy I felt like I could meet myself in the driveway coming and/or going!  I guess winter has made me lazy.  I am getting to be more of a homebody.
Monday - gone 1/2 day - exercise and coffee.

Tuesday - gone all day - quilt shop, lunch with daughter and more shopping.

Wednesday - gone all day - exercise, coffee, delivered patterns & tote bag and hunted junque with hubby!
Thursday - gone most of the day - early morning meeting, made receiving blankets for Lutheran World Relief and had supper with other daughter and grandkids.
Friday - collapsed and recovery for another all day gone on Saturday.

Saturday - gone all day - sewing machine class in St. Cloud 55 miles away from home.

So today was a day to be still and refocus my head and body.  But someone had to cook.  So while hubby did the wash - I played chef.  

Quilt camp is Thursday through Sunday this  coming week and I volunteered to make Italian meatball subs.  So sometime during this last week, I made 4# of meatballs and froze them. 

But I needed comfort food today!  So I made mashed potatoes, corn and borrowed some meatballs from the quilters and made gravy.  Oh wow - if I do say so myself - it was marvelous!!! 

What do you consider comfort food?
This was the Swedish meatball meal in Gamla Stan Stockholm

It was a comfort to have a regular old fashioned meal today.  Tomorrow will begin another week but now we are fortified!  And its leftovers tomorrow - yay!!!

Be kind to yourself - it's a crazy, busy world out there.  Have yourself some comfort food!