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Five years ago I designed two patterns, self published them and sold them to nine quilt shops in Minnesota.  I designed a tote bag and table mat.  It was a crazy, long process but I'm glad I ventured into it.

I never realized the amount of time it would take to go through the whole process - designing the pattern, writing the directions, coordinating the fabrics for the pattern cover, and making the many samples to make sure everything was written correctly!!!  I gave many classes to promote my tote bag pattern at quilt shops.  I also taught many friends to make one for themselves at quilt camps and club meetings. 

Now I am in the process - almost complete - of updating and revising my bag pattern.  In five years, I've learned a bit about the process...I think.  Originally I wanted a unique way to sew the I think the generic process is just fine.  

I love auditioning different colors and patterns to see how they work together.  Picking out the fabrics is the most important part of any project for me and sometimes takes longer than the construction of the item.  I have to love the colors and design of the fabric otherwise I probably will never finish it.  And I do have a few dozen of those in my sewing room - don't you?

Here are the two samples I made - one for the cover of my pattern and the other for Cottage Quilts and Fabrics in Elk River, MN.  They will be selling my pattern - yay!  They sell the fabrics used in the sample bag that will hang in the shop.

This tote bag is featured on my pattern
Sample for Cottage Quilts & Fabrics, Elk River, MN
Oh wow - I almost forgot - I purchased a new sewing machine this week.  The kind you need a license for...I can't wait to go to class at the end of the week.  Right now I'm getting used to turning it on and sewing a straight line...well, not exactly true - I've figured out how to applique and sew on buttons too!  It's an embroidery machine and will make lots of wonderful embellished creations - hopefully!

In less than two weeks, I have another quilt camp so its time to start planning and cutting out projects! Woo hoo!

Take care and remember to do something fun today!



  1. Wow, these are beautiful Bonnie!! Best of luck!

  2. Thanks, Dani! Hope you are feeling less homesick!

  3. [insert me staring with mouth agape]
    if i was capable of feeling envy, i would totally be jealous of you right now =)))

  4. oh sweet pea thanks! I could adopt you as my 17th grandgirl - actually some of those are great grands! After a crazy week your comments make me feel good!!! Thanks again.

  5. haha youre so very welcome =P
    and yea, who couldnt use a third grandma?? i sure could =P

    my paper, its a research paper on an artist/author, their political views, and how their work reflects those views. im doing it on george orwells 1984...

  6. im still at panera, yes.
    all my coworkers laugh at me, because every time someone walks in, i yell out "hiii, welcome to panera!!!" hahaha. im such a dorky one =P
    i looooove our napa almond salad. its sooo good on the honey wheat bread without the lettuce and tomato. i love it.

  7. I knew you would be like that! No lettuce or tomato? You don't like veggies?

  8. i like them, just not on that sandwich. they dont really complement the salad sauce..... the sweetness and tanginess of it just goes really awkward with the tomatoes...

  9. you might be right - the lettuce on mine was kinda old and beaten up so I took it off but the tomatoes were sweet and I ate 'em! The bread is always so much better at the store than when I take it home so I've vowed to eat out at Panera's more! Yay! I would love to hear your welcome! You're a welcomin' person at heart!


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