Handmade Easter Treats!

I have to share the wonderful, delightful, edible decorations that my oldest daughter made for our Easter celebration today.  Her whole house held wonderful surprises everywhere you looked.

The jelly bean planter held gorgeous flower topped cupcakes.  Little comical chicks sat on tables, cupboards and other little nooks!  They were made of Rice Krispy treats, rolled in yellow sprinkles, frosting created their features, tiny M&M's spilled onto their nests that were made of chocolate covered chowmein noodles. Yum!

They couldn't have been cuter!!!
I do want to eat them though!

Not only does she decorate cakes for a living 
but on Easter she makes these adorable edibles!
These little strawberry mice were nibbling at the plate of cheese!  The strawberries were cut in half, sliced almonds added for ears, black frosting for eyes, and red licorice whips for tails.  So cute and they tasted so sweet!

I loved these mice!!!
It was a great day spent with family.  I am such a lucky Mom, Gram, and Great Gram!

Happy Easter!



  1. Oh my goodness, that cupcake centerpiece is to die for!

  2. It was so pretty, Lori! She's very creative and so patient!


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