Occasional Sales in the Country!

Our occasional sales will begin the first Friday and Saturday of June through September.  Hubby and I love our little business.  We are junkers in the true sense of the word.  Our happiest day of the year is the first garage sale in the spring and if it has furniture that needs to be repaired and/or painted, we can hardly breathe from excitement...well, that might be me not able to breathe - Hubby is pretty quiet - usually he's breathing.  He would be the one doing most repairs so he might be holding his breathe if the repairs are too extensive.  But I have lots of faith that he can fix anything so I usually buy it and suffer the consequences when we get home!  You know husbands...eventually when its their idea, its a good idea.  He does love shopping now too!

This life suits me to a "T".  I can buy stuff - lots of stuff.  I buy stuff all year.  I buy stuff for the sales.  I buy stuff for my girls.  I buy stuff for me and if I don't end up liking it...I sell it at one of our sales.  Yay!  This allows me to buy any kind of chair or whatever - modern, vintage, Traditional - you get the idea.  It is so satisfying for me and my soul!

Even if it rains we have lots of space inside and protected!
This year we will be joining with four other sales to create the Mora Meander.  There are two sales in the country (the best sales!) and three sales in town at retail businesses.
Great wood furniture
We have lots of chairs!  It's my greatest vice!
The kitchen area
It's very easy to find home accessories
 no matter what style you have!
I've created a Facebook page at Farmgirls Country Sales if you want to check our progress moving forward to our first sale June 3.  I will be posting some of our projects.  If you are in MN or surrounding areas, please come and visit us! 

The Potatoe Wagon will be at our farm serving breakfast baked potatoes, taco taters, broccoli taters, etc.  That is the way she spells it and I don't have to cook for two days - yay!

We have so much fun
 and expect lots of laughter too!
What's more fun than shopping in the country where prices are reasonable, the scenery is great and you can smell the potatoes baking!!!


P.S.  These are pictures from our 2010 sales - lots of new things for 2011!


  1. What fabulous furniture, I could really get my hands on some of those chairs and transform them! Wonderful. Look forward to seeing what you've found/sold x

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jules! I love to decorate some of the stuff too! Time permitting! Another cold day today -


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