Barn Ordered!

Well, today was a fun day!  This is the first time in my life that I was able to order a new, not a house.  I've never had a new house - the kind you can decide what style, how many bedrooms, what color the appliances should be, what color the walls should be painted, etc.

It will have a double entrance door
 not a garage door!
But today we ordered our new barn that will house our business.  They will build it beginning June 6 for three days - weather permitting.  It will be the red of a Norwegian house - iron oxide red, ash gray roof and white windows and doors.  I tried for a cupola but not successful on that - so far.  It will be 30' x 40'.

It will have 9 windows 4' x 3' with 9 panes inside the sliding windows.  On the end where customers enter will be a double door with 9 panes in the windows and no divider between them.

It should be ready for our July sale!!!  It is really fun ordering a new building!!!



  1. oh yyayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my my my my my that is soooooo exciting!!!!
    im excited for you!!!!!


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