Some Sewing Tips from Other Places

I've been kicking around the idea of creating another blog solely devoted to my sewing and crafting creations.  Trouble is - I can hardly keep creating posts on this blog.

The Baltimore Orioles are back and compete with the many Cat Birds
 we have at the grape jelly bowl right outside my window!
For right now I'm going to just keep keeping on here.  My thought is to not be concerned about the people who read my blog, but to be concerned about me, me and me!  Now when I say that me business, it doesn't sound like what I really mean.  I'm not that good at navel gazing so I'm going to forget about analyzing why or what and just write about my days and my creating.

I've made a couple of projects lately that needed to be "gathered" with little success.  It dawned on me afterwards that because I mainly quilt, I am using cotton thread because usually I'm sewing on cotton fabric.  I'm here to tell you that cotton thread is weaker than polyester blend least in my world.  So that has helped but when I saw this blog on the process of gathering, I wanted to share it with you.

My Craft Discovery has a great tutorial on making ruffles by couching over your gathering threads.  Check it out...such a smart idea!  This will save lots of time and the gathers will be very even.  I will work up a project to show you how great it works.

I found this great denim remake over at Art Threads.  It is a great, sturdy bib apron.  I have stacks of hubby's old jeans - can't wait to make this one!

In the 1970's I owned and operated a craft store.  One of the crafts that I taught and revived in our little town was called "Chicken Scratch".  It consists of embroidering on gingham.  I followed a link from Facebook today that lead me to another version of this craft.  Craft Gossip featured Karen Barbe's Blog from Chile.  She uses this technique on her graphic window pane tea towels and are sold in her Etsy shop.  Old technique used in a new way.  Makes me want to get my floss out and find some new graphic towels!

Spending more time in my sewing room - here's something I made for our June 3 Farmgirls Country Sale.

Take care,