Movin' on Upstairs!

I started moving my studio/workroom upstairs.  I thought I should at least begin this post in case I don't survive the move.  The main part of our house, before  the large addition, was built in 1949.  I don't know all the technical things about a house built in that era - but the steps are steep!!! 
If I was in good condition - the right weight, minus asthma with a hip that was working appropriately - this would be a piece of cake.  But the reality of my life isn't that perfect even if I do try to get to Curves three times a week.  And if you must know, the main reason I go to Curves, is to go to coffee with my friends afterwards.  I hate exercising for the sake of exercising.  OK - so now I feel better about lugging everything upstairs...the side effect is exercise!

I'm trying to figure out how to best utilize the space I have available.  My main floor contains a sewing room that is about 12' x 12' where my new sewing machine and most of my fabric reside, another auxiliary sewing space 10' x 10' with a sewing station where my class sewing machine is sitting for overflow work and a roll of batting, etc. 

The upstairs area is cut up with the stairs coming up in the first room where cupboards line one long wall storing yarn, art supplies, office supplies and fabric that has fallen out of favor...its more like craft fabric than quilting fabric.  The opposite wall that is shorter is pegboard with sewing and craft supplies that can hang up!  A cupboard of bear making mohair and acrylic fur stands along side of shelves full of Mr. J's stamps.

The room at the back is the room I'm working on to house my Cricut, paper, jewelry making supplies, artificial flowers, etc.  Too much stuff...that's my weakness - collecting supplies.  Amen!
This blue storage cabinet will be part of my upstairs organizing - my cat, Norma, had to be in the picture - see her tail under the table!  Love to use old suitcases to store supplies - these are awaiting refurbishing and they might go upstairs.

It's like too much to put my arms around so I procrastinate...more later after I get in the mood again!  I'm a great idea to put them into action.

I did work out in the pole barn getting stuff ready for our sale in June...priced some things, moved some things around, sanded more stuff and discussed with Mr. J projects I would like him to complete.  I also unloaded a trailer full of clay pots that will eventually go on my potting bench after the first sale.

Quilting guild meeting tomorrow where I will make lots of hot I better go gather those things together.  Whew!

Then its feet up and finish my latest book by Jacqueline Winspear, Among the Mad.  Her historical mystery novels are set in the 1930's post World War I England and its aftereffects.  Her main character is Maisie Dobbs, Investigator and Psychologist.  Ms. Winspear transplants me right into the life of Maisie and her assistant, Billy.  It could be a Masterpiece Theater miniseries. I enjoyed her first book, Maisie Dobbs, and when I finish this book, I have another waiting for me.  There are seven books in this series so far - I love knowing that I have more to find and read.  Yay!

Enjoy your day!



  1. I want all that room for crafting!!!! My NYC apartment will probably be as big as your sewing room!!! But the entire thing will be devoted to crafting and writing...

    And yes, I do remember Chicken Scratch...I still have pieces that we did back then. Was it really in the 70's? Time does fly, doesn't it.


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