Enjoying Mom's Day!

Today is Mother's Day - Mom's Day in my world.  My day was spent with two of my grandkids...and they are grand.  Of all accomplishments large and small, bearing and raising my two girls was the most worthwhile project of my life.  They are my gift every day as are my grandchildren and great grandchildren.  They give my life meaning.

They call me Mom!
Yesterday we celebrated Mom's Day, my brother's and youngest daughter's birthday at our house.  We had a very nice visit and meal together.  The weather was so nice...the kids could be outside in the fresh air. 

Two of the munchkins stayed overnight with Gram and Gramps.  We had a grand time...we always have pizza, popcorn (there is a special popcorn chair that is shared), and this time we spent time in the screen house telling scary stories.  Now their scary stories are full of vampires and terrible endings...mine aren't that scary I was told!  I enjoy this time the most when they talk right at me and tell me about their friends and their new pets, etc.  They get so animated.  Then we make up stuff.  Someone starts the story and then we take turns embellishing it.  Their little minds are so amazingly creative and so intelligent. 

After they left today, I read the Sunday paper and then an unscheduled nap occurred.  Pretty perfect day.  

I can't imagine not being a Mom...Gram...Great Gram.  I am so lucky.

I do miss my Mom on this day.  I found a picture of us in the late 1940's.  She was the greatest Mom ever - she dedicated her life to me, my brother and sister.  We were very lucky to grow up in the family my Mom and Dad created.

My Dad made the horse I'm riding on
and my daughter, Jen, made the necklace featuring me!
I hope you had a great Mother's Day - I sure did!



  1. Family is the greatest!! I don't know how you found time to post a blog along with everything else, but good for you! Wooden Nichols (will just sigh WN in the future:))


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