Gardening while Remembering...

Today was another busy, busy day!  I drove about 200 miles to take care of our 5 graves.  It's always a long day...sometimes its emotional and always its physically difficult.  And today was no different. 

It was a beautiful day - cool, about 55 degrees but sunny.  I packed my car with shovel, garden tools, watering can, large old handle basket and of course, 35 plants.  What they lacked in size, they made up for in numbers!  My Mom, Gram and Great Aunt all received pink geraniums, pink & periwinkle petunias, and pink begonias.  My two Gramps got red geraniums, marigolds and white petunias.  Instead of looking like graves - they look like little gardens with headstones. 

I don't always dig the grass that creeps over the lettering on the gravestones but today I did.  Whew!  Now that was work.  For two hours I fussed over my dear departed loved ones.  I don't mind at all until I've crawled around on my hands and knees for over two hours.  Then I just wished there was someone around to help me up.  I always pray that on my way upwards, I don't tip over.  No tipping over today.  I did use the watering can on one occasion and it held and I was vertical again!  Yay!

I always meet such nice people tending neighboring grave sites.  Today I worked along side of a lovely little, spunky lady who teared up when she wondered who would watch over her parents graves when she wasn't around.  So I put my arm around her and we bonded over that shared concern.  She had a wonderful little trimmer that she used to trim the grass around the stone and offered it to me to use.  It worked great so I will look for something similar and then try to remember to bring it along next year.  I wonder if I will see her as she usually comes on Memorial Day and I never do.

While I might grouse a bit about this journey to the cemetery, I would miss making this visit to my loved ones' last resting place where I think about my memories of them and what they meant to me and to my life.

Remember to remember your loved ones this weekend.  It's a good thing.