Demolition Day on the Farm

Today the garden shed/old granary came down.  It didn't take long when our friend came over with his Skidster.

I'll let the pictures tell the story.

Here is the little guy that will eat the shed!
First bite out the most weathered side
A guy and his machine taking another whack at it!
It was so interesting to see how he could devastate this old building
Earlier I had dug up some daffodils right on this side!
It finally collapses - now what?

Don't you think it amazing that this little guy can take down a building?

Now there is room to build our new barn!
 We've had so much rain that he will be back to finish up removing the cement slab...almost got stuck in the mud!  So glad he could help us - not sure how we could have taken it down by ourselves. 

Another step closer!



  1. Dear Bonnie:
    I was JUST thinking about you and when work commence on your land and barn! I am happy to see that things have gotten started! Glad that you didn't get stuck in the mud! I totally owe you a letter and will get one to ya-this past month has been crazed...can't believe it's May!


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