In Love with Buttons

Buttons, buttons - who's got the buttons? I do! Collections of buttons in jars in my corner cupboard, upstairs on the shelves and everywhere I sit to do projects. I have my Gram's buttons, orphan buttons from garage sales, buttons that belonged to a friend's Mom, and of course new buttons. Buttons made of pearl, glass, plastic, metal, leather, wood, and combinations of things.  All those buttons and all the stories behind the buttons...wouldn't it be fun to know the story of each old button.  That could be a fun little story - to follow a button through the different ages of its life! 

Just one of my stashes!
I've talked before about New York City...being there, pretending like I lived there, walking around the streets by the Metropolitan Museum Of Art where the townhouses are so picture pretty. Victoria magazine, in their first publications, featured the button store, Tender Buttons. Please visit their site to learn about the history of the store and to see more pictures...its a great story.

Well anyway, I had to find that store...I looked at the maps I had and tried to determine how far I had to walk to get there.  So you can imagine my surprise when I was walking around the block where I was staying and found it...all by myself, so surprised - around the backside of my hotel - The Barbizon (unfortunately, it is no more but it was built as a residence for women in the 1920's-another great story.)

As sometimes happens in quilt stores for me now, I was overwhelmed by the small, narrow shop that housed a bizillion buttons.  I didn't know where to begin and had no idea what to look for.  I did buy three buttons and made them into earrings and a pin I think.  I will have to look through my jewelry to see if they are still findable!

It is one of my fondest memories of NYC.  Funny - what you remember about places you visit when there were so many things to see and remember. 

What are some of your fondest memories of places you've visited?

Take care and take some time to reflect on things past.


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