Stitchin' Chicks at Quilt Camp

I'm back!  Four days with like-minded women creating fun stuff is invigorating except it makes me very tired.  I'm not bouncing back very fast even though each day I've been home has included an unscheduled nap!

I have a couple of things to show you that I worked on at camp this past weekend.  Some things were putzy and are not to my liking so I'm fixing them.  I will post them another day.

I was born in the 1940's and some fabric is just so nostalgic to me.  The fabric in this purse makes me remember those barkcloth curtains with the large flowers and fern fronds on our windows when I was young.  The colors are brighter now but still remind me of those days.  The purse is reversible with the polka dot fabric on the inside and the flower is a pin that can be attached to either side.

My newest purse and the first bear I ever made.
My new sewing machine worked great except on the clothesline bowl I made.  I have to research why the thread kept nesting on the backside.  Five years ago I received a little kit with the makings for this little flower pin.  Last week I finally made it - I thought it turned out so cute.  Not much fabric but lots of labor!
I had hoped to make a large bowl out of this wonderful green fabric
 but things kept going wrong!

We had a couple of inches of snow on the ground when I woke up this morning!  What month is it anyway???  It was all melted by this afternoon so that is hopeful. 

I'll say "Happy Easter" now in case I don't get another post done before Sunday!

Take care,


  1. YOu are so talented, the bowls you make are just gorgeous !!! I love the green, that is a neat color, but I know how much you love green !!
    The reversable purse is really neat too, how fun the fabric reminds you of your childhood !!
    I am glad you had a nice weekend, I wish I could find something like that around here !!
    Happy Easter to you too !!

  2. Thanks, Steph! I just love making stuff...not cleaning stuff or even cooking stuff!!!

    I just sold my purse so I have to get busy!!!

    We should save up and find something fun halfway between us! There must be retreats or classes somewhere in the middle of the country!!!


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