I Finally Got a Sidewalk and Then...

I love bee balm and so do the hummers

Ya - well, I finally got a sidewalk and then Mother Nature took over and landed my favorite tree on it.  But yesterday, Hubby and his brother in the thunder and rain removed it from my path.

It seems like we can't get ahead of the work around here this year.  The storms have made a real mess of our trees and the guys in the heavy equipment who built out new little barn wrecked almost every inch of our grassy spaces.  Now when Hubby mows the lawn, he looks like he's riding a bucking horse!  Lots of work to do - cushy retirement this is not!!!

There's my fav tree hugging my new sidewalk!

Sad day - love that tree!

There's my sidewalk!
All that's left of my tree...
Now the crabby apple will provide our shade and a tree for the kids to climb.  Life means change and we've had lots of that this year.  Thankfully our home wasn't harmed or our other outbuildings...that's a good thing!

Tomorrow's another day with lots in store and lots to do!

Take care and stay hydrated and cool!  We expect near 100 degrees with dewpoint in the upper 70's.



  1. Oh, how I can identify with you. Since we've moved into our house ten years ago...we've lost four big trees and now there is one that is questionable....the next storm may take it too. I just hate losing a tree!
    But, what can you do....pick up the pieces and carry on...it's life, isn't it?
    You take care up there...yes, lots of HEAT here too. pat


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