I Say Tomato!

Nothing beats the first tomatoes of the season...cheeseburgers, crispy fries and sliced tomato for supper tonight!!!  Yum!

The flavor is so summer sweet...four ripe tomatoes - now only three.  A couple more will be ripe in the next day or so.  We only have two regular, one medium and one tiny sized Mexican Currant.

Those little small marble sized tomatoes have more tomato taste per little guy than anything I've ever experienced. So good - found in the desert in Mexico and imported to Brainerd, MN where I got my first little plant this June. My new friend, Deb, introduced them to us last year but this is the first year we've grown them.

I planted it in a 5 gal. pail so it is right by the deck steps and is it ever a viney little guy. I'll have to go to Brainerd next year for more than one plant so I can share with family and friends!  The above article does say that they are difficult to find so I count myself so lucky!  Just throw a handful in a salad...so easy!

These are smaller tomatoes but the Mexican Currant is so very tiny
 but packed with rich tomato flavor!!!
Now I'm a happy gardener...BLT's tomorrow!  Yay!

How is your garden doing?



  1. I envy you so much !! We have never gotten a garden in here and I am hoping we can next year. I should have done the container tomatoes but I will at least do that next year !! Enjoy every bite, your reward for working hard on your garden !!

  2. I had to "follow" you ~ us MN gals must stick together :)
    Thanks for visiting me! Your tomatoes look great.No garden this year for me...lazy!!


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