I'm Melting...but I'm still Creating!

I'm not that fond of summer.  I really like a cool spring and fall.  I'm also not that fond of swimming.  But today I'd take a pool so I can just sit in it!

I must leave the house tomorrow - just got to go out in the yard and do something.  Today I have all my jewelry stuff all over the kitchen island.  I had hoped to get more done...I've just scattered and sorted today.  I'm getting ready to do something though.  I'll probably get something done so I can add a picture to this  post.  You surely wouldn't want a picture of me in a pool.

So I love this bench...but my friend gave me this needlepoint piece so I thought I would combine a cute bench with a gorgeous handmade!

Here is my cute little shabby bench covered in green vinyl.

Now its a Shabby Chic Bench covered in gorgeous!!!
I feel good about getting something accomplished in the last two days.  We put in the little AC in the window and its chugging along but getting the temp and humidity down to somewhat manageable if you don't try to do too much!

Hope you are enjoying your day!



  1. Hey there! Well, I'm visiting you for the first time and have to say, I'll be back! Just wanted to say I've got a very similar bench...one with a lovely rose fabric covering the top. Then, I feel bad for your tree....I know it was a beautiful one. So sorry about the storm....nothing is prettier than a tree!
    And, dear new friend...that barn...I could 'live there' too! Certainly wish I could have attended that barn sale! I would have gladly dealt with the heat for visit to it....I'll go back and take in the photos again this evening...so much to see. It's to be over a hundred today...high humidity and I have a quilter coming. Maybe we'll talk so much we won't think of the heat. (Yeah.) later, pat


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