Something to Look Forward To...

Yesterday was a very nice day even with the hot and humid stuff outside.  It was our quilters meeting and we're making plans for our retreat next month!!!  Three days of laughter, sewing, eating and fun!!!

It's so rejuvenating to change things up and do something different with friends of like minds.  Our retreat center is part of The Pine City Scrapbooking Co. called Scrapbooking in the Pines Retreat Center so when we get tired of sewing (?) we can mosey into the store and reinspire ourselves.  While paper isn't fabric, its similar.  Oh ya - and they do carry a few bolts of very nice fabric also.

Jaci made these magnets out of stuff from the scrapbooking store! 
They are for sale at our Farmgirls Country Sale Aug. 5 & 6th!
So we have been known to buy some paper supplies and make a few paper bowls or something and then go back to our sewing machines.

Anyway - its something to look forward to and in this crazy heat that is a good thing.  I'm planning my projects that I will bring and what food I will supply.

I do so love this part of retirement!!!

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  1. I'd love to go to the retreat with you...heck, I'm even going to miss the Farmgirls Country Sale!!! What are you doing in...say, September???

  2. Our last sale of the season is Sept. 2 & 3! We can have our own retreat when you get here!!!



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