Some Things Should be Left to Others...

When you're in the Trash to Treasure business, you soon learn a few things. 

1.  You never have enough flat places when you are getting ready for a tables, dressers, etc. to set stuff on.  The accumulated home accessories out number the places to display them at a ratio of 100 to 1.

2.  The weather usually refuses to cooperate - at least on one day of a two day sale.

3.  If you have one lamp and 12 shades...none of the the shades will look right and/or fit the lamp.

So when I saw Renee's Shabby, Chic and Charming blog about decorating lampshades with coffee filters, why wouldn't I be interested???

Here's my attempt at beautifying an ugly shade that has been around the block a few times.

The pile of stuff you need!

Finished product...

I think it looks better on Renee's least I don't have a lot of money invested!!!  It's so heavy that I had to reinforce the wire in the shade.


Off to do something else...



  1. I had to laugh at your sale observations, I can relate to those after many many yard sales !!
    I think the lamp shade is really neat, I had no idea what to expect from coffee filters, lol !!

  2. I think I better stick with what I know and not sure what that is...but thanks for visiting Steph and Deb! Back to the drawing board...I just pounded four spoons flat to make more necklace pendants...more my deal!!!



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