The Lesson of The Migrant Workers

I call these "Farm Hydrangeas"!
I just finished watching a documentary on the migrant workers on NBC.  It was a very moving story of families trying to make a living for their families in the United States.  While some of the focus was on the underage children working in the fields illegally, the message was clear - there are many hardworking legal migrant families trying to make it in this country.  It went on to highlight that pesticides are taking some of that work away - not that many weeds survive.

Their children sometimes suffer the consequences of leaving early and returning late in the school year in order to accompany their families to the fields of farmers up north or in Florida or other states across the country.  They work shoulder to shoulder and stay in small quarters at night but they are together.

Some of the stories were told of those same children who were underage and working in the fields who had graduated from high school and went on to graduate from college.  One that was featured was a teacher who taught migrant worker's children.  She knew their plight and how to help.

I would hope that all Americans would watch this show in order to put faces on migrant workers and immigrants.  They are more than statistics on charts.  They are lovely people doing their best to make a life for their families and isn't that what all of us want for our families.

Let's thank all those that pick our fruits and veggies in all kinds of weather every year.  How many of us could do that kind of work for 44 cents/lb. or less?

Just saying...