Making Neck Bling!

My idea of making jewelry is a little eclectic.  So this post is about making a few necklaces so I use up some of the bizillion dollars of jewelry stuff I've purchased lately.  When I say that I remember that the focus pieces of a couple of my creations were made a few years ago and I just found them sitting in a Cool Whip bowl of odds and ends.  Who knows why I made them originally but now they adorn my latest hodgepodge pieces.  They are made of clay and pushed into a mold.  I used metal faces for my original Goddess of Hinges but lately can't find them so I substituted.

I hope they aren't too scary looking!

Another version - just as scary but kind lovable in a way!

And the littlest angel queen...

I should give credit to someone on Craft Gossip for my Spooning Necklaces but I didn't keep track.  Well - I was making these at 11:30 at night before our Farmgirls meeting and that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!

Of course getting ready to make these is really fun -
just take a hammer and whale away at the spoon until it is flat!
These are MINE!  My Mom in riding jodphers and of course I'm the Junk Queen!

I love Scottie dogs!

And last but not least, the sanest of the group made with Vintage Groove parts.  I love the mellow yellow, buttery look of the pendant(s)

Love this one!
 Other than the two that are mine, the others will be for sale at our next Farmgirls Country Sale on Aug. 5 & 6!

Take care and take time!



  1. love them all !! I know what you mean, I have bought so much stuff lately and I need to start making stuff with it all. I guess I am not too motivated as nothing has sold on etsy or artfire for months. I love the spoons, how do you make those, I have a bucket of old silver ware and need some great ideas, love that one !!
    Thanks for sharing, very inspirational !!

  2. I love these! Love the spoon necklace idea... I may need to try my own take on them! :)


  3. I saw your blog while commenting on Miss Mustard Seed's blog and it caught my eye because my name is also Bonnie! I looked through your posts and what a great little blog you have going! If you have time please stop by and see mine as well!

  4. Thanks for the kind comments - its fun to see them after writing a post.

    Steph - you and I are so much alike we could be sisters!
    Pauline - glad you like the spoon idea - it was fun to make!
    Bonnie - thanks for the visit - I tried to comment on yours but it kept sending me in a circle. Loved the dressers!

    I have to be Anon. on my own post...go figure! What's up with that????


  5. These are lovely Bonnie. How adorable!!!

  6. Thanks for visiting, Jules! Happy Wedding!!!



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