Creative Tuesday!

Creativity hasn't been easy lately.  It's scary to think I might be slowing down.  So today I decided to make myself go into my sewing room and stay there until I completed something!!!

I bought a little bag kit last year and I dragged it to quilt camps all last year.  It rode back and forth with me to my camps, sat on my table during camp watching me make other stuff and then rode back home still in its little bag.  The Spiral Zipper Bag by LJ Designs is made with a fat quarter (18" x 22"), a 22" zipper, and a piece of batting.  It's a quirky little bag and so cute.

I told you it was quirky!

The zipper is opened up and sewn around the edge

As you zip it, it spirals!
I made the Panda, Happy Song, in my second bearmaking class.  He is fully jointed (arms, legs and head) and is made out of mohair.  My house is full of bears.  I have a cupboard full of mohair and synthetic fur waiting to make more bears!  Maybe this winter will be bear season.  It would be fun to show you how I make the collectible bears

I'm finishing up another locker hooked journal cover.  Maybe I'll finish that in the next couple of days...I could be on a roll!

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  1. ohmygoodness that bear is too cute.

  2. Thanks, sweet pea...I've made so many of them in all different colors. He has the cutest face! Designed by JoAn Brown. She taught me how to make bears.

  3. that is so totally awesome!!!! i wish i could sew like that =(

  4. sweet pea - you can - you just have to take the time.

  5. That bear is too cute , I would love to see how you make them !!!The zipper bag is neat, never seen anything like that !!!


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