Krumkake Kaper!

In a past post, I wrote about some of our Christmas traditions.  My success with some traditions is due to the culinary skills taught to me by my Mom and Gram.  My Mom wasn't fond of baking but her beef and pork roast dinner, chicken soup with egg dumplings, a chicken baked with wine, and her spaghetti sauce were amazingly wonderful and only some of my favorites.  She did make apple thins better than any I've ever eaten.

So through the years since my Gram and my Mom watch me from up above, I have tried to replicate their dishes.  My Dad mentioned his love of refrigerator cookies - I tried by best but he wasn't impressed with my I don't make them anymore - yet.  He bought an electric Krumkake maker a few years ago because he loves them so much.  So I have tried to make them like Gram made them.  I think this year was the closest I've come to the taste and crispiness!

So I took pictures to celebrate this accomplishment!  I found the right recipe  finally!  They are putzy to make by yourself but I decided not to get upset and just have a good time making one of our Christmas cookies! 

The iron has to be the right temp
and using the right amount on each side is trial and error.

I finally figured out that when the iron stops steaming,
 they are almost done!

Then remove the Krumkake quickly
 and roll around the wooden cone-shaped deal.

The recipe makes many so I stopped at one point
 to cool off the iron, take a break and finished up!
Now how pretty are they filled with whipped cream
 and sprinkled with powdered sugar!
I'm so glad I persevered and finally after 3 years or so ended up with a good batch.  Past years I tried using the recipe that came with the iron and this year I just googled Krumkake, picked a recipe and they turned out.  They keep for quite a while and stay as crisp and yummy for weeks when kept in a cool/cold place.

Well - two things accomplished.  I finished another post and the last picture is from my new camera!  Yay! for me!  Another manual down and software installed.  I am still learning the new features and it was night time when I took the picture so the lighting wasn't that good.  But onward and upward!

Now on with more projects...maybe tomorrow I can show you my newly knitted  scarves.

Take care,



  1. Oh I love Krumkake! My husband made some this past Christmas as well. It is just delicious! I could eat them all day long!

    How is your Monday going Miss Bonnie?

  2. Hey Rebecca! I remember you said your hubby made them too with a friend. You can't get full them - you could eat them all day!

    I'm doing good - how abut you? My cold is almost over so that is good. I'm don't play sick very good. Hope you are havig a great day!

  3. those krumcakes + that plate + that background = so cute! Congratulations on your baking accomplishments!

    I'm in the middle of a baking experiment. I'm hoping the puff of smoke from runoff pineapple juice isn't a reflection of how the whole thing's gonna turn out.

  4. yyayyyy!!!!!!!! im so happy you finally found the recipe!!! it looks pretty delicious in the picture, by the way. i may have to have you mail some. haha. wouldnt that be something????? =P


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