Oops! and Thanks, Dani!

Ok - so I wanted to present my newest knitted project to you but after taking a few pictures, I dropped my camera.  Not good...I think it fell on the lens so now the camera tries to extend or retract the lens and it just makes noise. Darn!

However, because I wanted to take better pictures of items I want to sell somewhere, either here or online or locally, I had ordered a new camera last week.  Whew!  I tracked my order today and it should arrive on Friday.  I know I can download the pictures from my camera card but it wants to unload 274 pictures before it gets to my newest ones.  Ya -I know there is a way to get around that but I'm a quilter, embroiderer, knitter person...so its like trying to think with another part of my brain and today I have a head cold and that ain't going to happen.

Nope - no - nada - I'm not getting the camera manual out and perusing. I still haven't read my phone manual and its time to order a new one (I've had it for two years.) My laptop manual is also in that pile of manuals to read when I get a few minutes, hours, or days. I could call someone but I don't wanna.

So someone said that waiting is a virtue and wait you will have to until I get my new pink camera and read enough of the manual to get my pictures off my old picture card. It's the new year so it will be one of your new resolutions...waiting patiently. Me too.

Thank you, Dani, for mentioning me in your post and honoring me with the Honest Scrap award. It is a nice award and I will pick and pass it on to 5 others also. This is my first award from a nice fellow blogger. Click on the blue Dani and follow her blog too (Fading Margins)...she's a young, smart, hip, nice person!

My First Award

I would paste this award on my page but that would take another 4 hours of reading the blog manual and it is really impossible today.

Stay healthy (sneeze!) and warm and have a great 2011!



  1. I didn't paste it either.

    Bummer about the camera.You must show us later. I crochet, and would love to see it!

  2. Hi Bonnie! it's nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog and making the introduction.

  3. Dani - I know - I can't believe it fell off my desk...it has been acting a little weird lately so I guess it was time but for an inexpensive camera it worked pretty good.

    Plays with Needles - it is so much fun to find blogs that really speak to my creative side! Yay!

    Take care, Bonnie


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