Stitchin' Chicks Quilt Camp

Spending four days quilting in January is the best...13 women with 13 sewing machines and a bizillion projects. We all arrive with full vehicles..whether they be a HHR (mine). a pickup truck, a SUV, or regular car. We bring way more than we can ever finish or hope to even start.

I have the same problem when I go on vacation...I make a list, revise the list, sort the list, reduce the list and dream about the list. The day I'm leaving on vacation or to quilt camp, I start adding things to my bags. At least for camp, I can bring 1000# of stuff unlike going to the airport. And no security at camp...sometimes maybe there should be like when one participant brought in the cutest miniature cow through the back door and then the manager walked in. Whew! No accidents biggest fear.

This camp was a little different...a little less jovial. The husband of my good friend was having heart problems. After many phone calls back and forth, he ended up in the emergency room and had to be transported to another city to a larger hospital. My friend left early and the situation left us subdued.

News today is his problem is ongoing but hopefully not as dire as first suspected. We shared mutual fears at camp - some of us have experienced similar events and a few experienced the loss of a partner. One quilter said - Life is tenuous. It's also precarious and precious so we go home and in prayer and gratitude look at our relationships in a new way. We tend them with renewed love and more patience.

Winter is still here reminding us on almost a daily basis throwing down another layer, another blanket of snow. We try to be patient and careful while we fight the icy, snowy roads carefully peering around the snowbanks that build up at each corner. Camp in April will be warmer and the beginnings of spring will be evident...we hope!

Here are some pictures of camp and projects. I have a couple more that are almost done so I will wait and show you those soon!

Bad dog pillow!

Big conference room where we set up our sewing stations!

One of two Spiral Zipper bags I made!

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched,
they must be felt with the heart. - Helen Keller

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  1. i love reading your posts. youre so lightheartedly humorous. seriously, it makes me smile every time i click here =)

  2. Thanks, sweet pea! I appreciate you!

  3. Hey Bonnie! I love your posts too! The stuff you make is so neat!

  4. Thanks Becca! I got your letter - so fun to get mail other than bills and more address labels. Yay!

  5. Haha well I do like getting address labels, but I could do without the bills!


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