Doorways of Gamla Stan Stockholm

As I wandered the cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan (Old Town), Stockholm, I wondered who had walked through these doorways...

Gamla Stan is the original Stockholm set up in 1252.  It is one of the largest and best preserved medieval cities in Europe.   Most of the buildings are from the 1700 and 1800's but within these buildings are frescoes and vaults from the Middle Ages.  Soon I will post pictures of a restaurant were we ate within an old prison vault down quite a few stone steps. 

The narrow streets wind around its lovely architecture making it difficult to leave this part of Sweden.  We stayed in a hotel in Gamla Stan in 1998.  I wish we could have found it when we were here this visit.  We just might have to go back and revisit this old town again.

There's more to tell about Gamla Stan.

I want to know who lived at #5 or what kind of shop was housed here or who painted those lovely doors green?


  1. That is beautiful, farm girl. Are you on vacation? Happy travels...

  2. Hey Bonnie! Hope you had a lovely weekend.


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