Five Question Friday on Saturday!

In reading another blog, I saw this format and thought I would try it today.  I hope I can think of enough questions.

1.  Of all the books you've read this year, which is your favorite?

I just finished the Stieg Larsson trilogy - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest.  While the first one, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, was difficult to get into at first, I could hardly wait to pick the book up again each evening.  I enjoyed The Girl Who Played with Fire right seemed to draw me in immediately as did the third book, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest.  I especially like books where the characters are familiar and you learn more about them in each new book.  This series satisfied my literary itch this fall.

2.  When you have free time, what do you do?

While I like to sew/quilt with my sewing machine, I really like handsewing.  I enjoy making embellishments like rosettes or yo yo's to use on different projects.  Depending on the mood I'm in, I also like knitting, crocheting and redwork embroidery.  Maybe I just like sitting on my comfortable sofa instead of in my sewing room by myself.

3.  Did you see a movie that you would suggest to others this year?

We just saw "True Grit" and it was enjoyable.  Jeff Bridges did a great job as Rooster Cogburn with his ornery adaptation of the character from the book.  I've heard the Coen Brothers narrative was truer to the original book than the John Wayne version.  The young Mattie Ross, played by Hailee Steinfeld, was very intriguing and this was her first movie I guess.  Matt Damon played his role well also.  It was fun to see a Western...its been a while since I sat through one.  I recommend it.  (Another plus - it wasn't difficult to convince the Mr. to go see a Western.)

4.  If you had a chance to live somewhere else for a year, where would it be?

After visiting Norway this fall, I believe I could live in Bergen.  It's very cosmopolitan, has four seasons and not as cold or warm as in MN, and the shopping was great.  I would like to steep myself in the history of the area.  I like the Scandinavian people - their warmth, humor and ethics.

5.  Diamonds or pearls?

Boy - this is a tough question...I really do love both.  I'd have to say pearls for their color and the way they look on my skin.  Pearls are so warm and diamonds are so icy cold.  I would never refuse either as a gift, however!

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  1. Hi Bonnie! I hope that you had a nice New Years Eve! My husband and I did-we went to a lovely restaurant with some friends and played board games all night! Didn't even watch the ball drop though!

    1. My favorite book without a doubt is "Confessions of Shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella. I have read that book MANY times, know it cover to cover, and I still laugh out loud every time. If I were stranded on a desert island, I would want that book with me!

    2. When I have free time I love to shop:) J.Crew is probably my favorite clothing store. West Elm is my favorite home goods store. I also love to get lost in Barnes and Noble reading books drinking coffee.

    3. I would HIGHLY recommend seeing "The Fighter" with Mark Walhlberg and Christian Bale. Christian Bale really puts on an amazing performance as Dick Ecklund. Really great movie.

    4. If I had a chance to live somewhere else for a year I would choose Belgium. I have had the opportunity to visit is a few times and it's beautiful. It's Europe but it's not crazy like London, but not so different that it would be difficult to "fit in."

    5. This is a tough question. I do love diamonds...but there is something so classic about a pearl. I have a black pearl ring which is one of my favorite pieces of jewelery.

    Great questions Bonnie!

  2. Thanks for answering the 5 questions! I will have to read the book you suggested...I never usually read funny books but since I've enjoyed Evanovich and Stephanie Plum, I will have to check Shopaholic out. I've seen the trailers for "The Fighter" and it does look good. Not here yet tho. I don't have a black pearl but have pearl earrings with a blue sapphire that I got from my
    guy when we first dated - they are the ones I wear daily. They are classic. We stayed home as we usually do on New Year's Eve...nice. Happyy New Year, Rebecca!

  3. Oooo...I would love to learn to really sew and embroider. I got the basics some where back there in early years of my education, but it would be great to really use it.

    Happy New Year, by the way!

  4. Happy New Year Bonnie! Thanks for visiting my blog! I enjoyed yours! It's so much fun to reflect and contemplate, and to share thoughts.

  5. Hi Bonnie...came over from Dani's blog....this blog makes me feel all nice and warm inside...I like people who can craft, I cannot coz I'm not creative enough...I guess...nice idea...I hope you wouldn't mind if I borrowed it...

  6. Thanks ruby43 and caterpillar! Love to have you visit.

    caterpillar - I borrowed the 5 questions blog and so you certainly can use it in your blog...its all about sharing!

    Have a great New 2011!


  7. Dani - mostly its just taking the time to do any of it! Nothing costs that much so that is another plus. I will post some of the things I've been doing as soon as I have my new camera!

    Thanks for visiting!


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