Another Amazing Farmgirls Country Sale!

Wow - we had a great sale after a disappointing, rainy start but then the weather improved and people came to the farm to shop and eat!

Of course, we didn't have time to take pictures until the day was well under way but here's a taste of what we had!!!
1940's kitchen area - love red!

Farmgirls mascot - our one eyed Aussie, Honey!
 Plant Pockets out of recycled, woven plastic bags!
Lovely magnets!
Girly vanity!
Striking, functional dresser
Polymer clay earrings and survival Para cord bracelets!
Fun, funky headbands, quilted bags, ribbon pins and card carriers!

It was a very busy, fun two days!  Sales were tremendous and those potatoes from the Potatoe Wagon were wonderful.

Our new little barn is under construction so our next sale will be in a permanent little shop.  No more taking things down and packing them away for the winter!  Yay!

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  1. Looks like you got everything done in time!!!! I'm glad you had a great turnout. Wish I could have tasted a potato from the Potato Wagon. See you this fall...

  2. I LOVE everything there! Do will you be having another sale this Summer?

  3. I did not realize the new barn would be your sale area, that is so great you will not have to take down and put back up for each sale once it is done !! IT looks like it was a wonderful sale, I sure would have loved to shop, lol, but Texas is a bit too far from you !!
    Steph it will still not let me post under my blog, only anonymous


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