Moving, moving, and moving some more...

I've read that moving is high on the stress chart.  I'm here to tell you that its true.  We're not moving far - just across the yard but it is tedious and tiring and stressful.  The Farmgirls now have a permanent shop.  Yay!

The begonias are loving this weather!
The process is long and the rainy weather has dampened our spirits.  Today the sun finally came out and it was warm and humid.  But so much better than the last month - the water is taking its time soaking into the ground.

The barn is done except for the electric - the inside wiring is done but the line from the pole that actually will turn on the lights might be channeled into the ground early next week.  Patience...patience.  The lights are in the ceiling and the switches are installed but when I thought about running a fan today - I was reminded that there really wasn't any electricity yet!!!  Boy - am I spoiled.

Today we dragged more stuff out of another pole barn...old chests that stored clothes and other treasures.  Now I will take two of them and plant flowers in them and they will welcome customers to our new little barn.  Just like raised beds or large plant containers.  We found other garden items - a little white cart and turquoise shelf to add to the new wicker chair and ottoman and other fun garden stuff.

We also brought over an old cherished brass bed frame and another old bed frame to set up in the "bedroom" area of our sale.  It is fun to play house and arrange this larger area into little rooms of furniture and books and lamps and stuff.

I will take pictures tomorrow and show you our progress.  For now - I'm going to bed.  Tomorrow is another day!

Take care,