We're gettin' there!

I have the most talented and hardworking friends and family!  Kathy and Bev and Barb were here today to make magic happen in the Barn!

We had lots of help from the hubby and our son, Dave, too.  They moved in our very heavy stove for the kitchen area - hopefully their backs will be ok!  Then they went over to the neighbors to get the big blue cupboard (almost 8 ft. tall) that they gave us!  It's so perfect and will hold lots of dishes.  I get carried away buying dishes and chairs.

Bev and Kathy busy making sense out of piles of stuff!
Garden area!
Our new blue cupboard!
The Library
Farmgirls gettin' it done!  Come to the Farmgirls Country Sale if you are in the area!



  1. Wow, that blue cubboard is amazing, I love it!! Everything is coming right along, it all looks wonderful and I am hoping you have a very successful sale !!


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