Ta Da!!!

Just a short post - we left the cabin and went home to check on our cat, Norma, and to see what happened to the barn while we were gone.  It's done!  It has a nice new cement apron and the slabs of rock that were by our house are now the walkway that leads up to the barn!

It does need something above the doors...we'll have to figure that out!
One of the workers suggested phony windows...think its too late now!
I'm leaning towards a big quilt square or plain.

And I now have a real sidewalk to my house instead of hard packed class 5!!!  I love it and so does Honey, our dog, because its much easier to get up that first step!  Isn't it nice???  I'm so excited!

Nice new curved sidewalk and they didn't hurt one plant or weed!
Now we're back at the lake for a few more days before we go home and have to move rugs and furniture and all else to its new home in our new little shop!

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  1. Wow, how exciting is that !! I love the barn , it is so pretty !!! Sidewalks are very nice things to have, so I am sure you will really enjoy it !!
    Congrats and I know you will have fun moving all the goodies to their permanent home !!1


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