We're so ready!!!

I just had to show you a couple more pictures - I could live in my barn!

Such a lovely kitchen area!  What's for breakfast?
Oh ya - Breakfast potatoes from the Potatoe Wagon!
One of my Fairy gardens...the first night, some little creature ate all the petunia blossoms!!!
They thought it was a little buffet for them!  Today Addy made little paths in both trunks - she did such a good job!
The next night I just shut the lid but the spikes didn't really like that. 
So I guess they don't like Alyssums and Lobelias...oh darn!
Thanks to my friends, daughters and grandkids for their help today!  Audriana, great grandgirl at 8 months, supervised!  And it was hot in the barn...not complaining though - at least it wasn't raining!

We're ready!!!



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