Shopping Spree Alert and More Moving!!!

Today we visited our youngest son and family at a huge camping resort about 30 miles from our house.  Ok - so this is really exciting...not only did we see other family members and a very cute great grandgirl but they were having garage sales!!!

Now how perfect is that???  Because we have been so busy with our new little barn project we haven't done the shopping and fixing and repurposing, etc. for our next sale the end of next week.  We did need to replenish our stock.  So this was great!  Yay!

Lots of big things with little fixin' needed on most of the items.  Ok - so we got a nice long bench (needs washing and a little paint), a great white bench that just needs tightening and a little gluing, a glass top table that just needs some Windex, a small organ bench (needs hinge repair), another little table that might get a little paint, a lamp shade for my birdhouse lamp I got on vacay, etc.

Whew!  Not just anyone can go to this garage sale so woo hoo - kind of a exclusive sale!  There were a bizillion golf carts going everywhere - in and out of many little areas (1100 lots in this little village) - like a giant game of bumper cars!  So fun!

I promised some pics of our arranging party - so here's a few and one of my two new large planters that I did work on tonight after supper until the little mosquitoes drove me in the house and the fear of the woodchuck and her little ones visiting me!

Our indoor garden area that greets you
 as you walk through the will look better!
The back bedroom area with brass bed frame and library, etc.
Little girls bedroom area with quilt, pink chair,
 vanity and another brass bed frame.
The future kitchen area!

Checkout!  What a mess!

One of my trunk gardens
 that I made into a Fairy gardens tonight!
Well - as you can see we have lots of work to do but it will be what it will be!  And another sale in August to look forward to!

Thanks for checking in!



  1. Wonderful - you have a gorgeous array of things there.... looking forward to seeing more x

  2. Bonnie, it all looks great !! It will sure make your life easier to be able to have it set up all the time !!
    Sounds like you got some great new deals !!


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