Back Up to the Lake!

We're relaxing at the lake after a crazy couple of months!  The sounds of the Loons playing around on the lake echo across the bay.  It's like we're in a real, live nature documentary.  I love looking out the windows seeing all the green leaves, evergreens, and a peek of the lake down the path from our cabin. 

The view from "my" porch at the lake!
There are new owners now of "our" resort and they are a nice family and things seem almost the same.  I like the sameness of my life but life doesn't stay the same.  I guess I like contentment.  "Our" old handyman greeted us when we came and made the introductions.  That was very nice. 

Today we went into the nearest town and visited our friend at her log cabin shop, Wooden Nichols.  We roamed around the shop and talked and roamed and talked and came back to the cabin with a couple new, old things...well, after we had lunch, of course.

The item on the left is a paper cutter and will hold wrapping paper in our new barn.
  The washboard will be a door on a little cabinet!
While we were gone, the previous owners stopped to see us.  We were out gallivanting!  So, hopefully, tomorrow we will visit with them.  They are new friends that seem like old friends.  I love when that happens and we sure value their friendship.

I thought I would bring less to do this time, but alas! I still filled up my car and then I filled up the porch.  

My cabin sewing station!
My cabin workbench!

I continue to work on making new shipping tags look old. I painted them with Walnut Ink Crystals and then stamped them. Today I stamped words on them and decorated them with fine silver glitter. I should just be content with them but I want to add some three dimensional items.

Little tags all in a row!
A tag up close!
I signed up for another swap - The Handmade Gift Exchange - I had better get going on that project.  It needs to be mailed by June 30 so I better have it done when I leave here because when we get home - it's moving time. 

Our barn is progressing quite nicely...the cement floor is in so the builders will come back and frame the last window in and then complete the siding this week.

It needs a great, big quilt square above the doors
 - don't you think??? 
We hope to insulate it by fall and use the wood from our dear old barn on the inside walls.  We'll white wash the walls and it will be so wonderful!!!  It will probably take longer to do the inside walls than it took to build the whole barn.  Darn! 

More later! 

Take care,



  1. You are amazing...all that crafting, galavanting(thanks for the visit!) and time to still post a blog! What kind of giant vitamins do you take? and I want some!

  2. The cabin looks devine! Like a writers retreat. I'd love it!


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