Visit to a Magical Cottage!

I think we had the best week ever at the lake!  Dinner with friends...meeting new friends...Farmer's Market ...Church Garage Sale!  We were so busy that I could have left most of my craft stuff at home this time!!!

There's Jack and Breezy!
We were invited to Jack and Deb's home and discovered it was a magical place.  I will show you just a fraction of what we saw.  They have a gorgeous German Shepherd named Seabreeze or Breezy.  He is such a smart dog and very handsome!  I love German Shepherds! 

They have an outdoor living space with windows on one side to shield them from the cool/cold breeze off the lake.  Many furnishings inside and out were on wheels so they could be moved easily!

Lovely painted chest and mirror!
One of the many little structures tucked around this home and garden!

Oh so pretty!

Love to read a book here!

A beach on the ocean is a favorite place!
Fantasy lighting!

Deb's Fairy Homes - September on the right made of birch bark
and Belle's on the left made out of 100 yr. old wood. 
Tiny furniture in a little garden!

Deb loves to paint - here's her little tool shed!

One of Jack's series of decks down to the lakefront
 and pontoon he covered in wood!
We had such a good time, we hated to leave!  Of course, the hospitality was warm and wonderful!

Thanks for the visit Jack and Deb!

Take care, Bonnie 


  1. I agree, your friend's home IS a magical place! And her German Shepard, Seabreze (love that name!) is adorable!

  2. wow, seems like you have a great, wonderful time. i think its always nice to go places during vacation.
    with my wall, ill try not to make it too high.

  3. That does look magical!! It almost makes me feel like I could give up city living and hide myself away in the country somewhere....almost.

  4. and i tagged you


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